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The Idrija Lace Festival

The traditional Idrija Lace Festival dedicated to the famous Idria lace this June celebrated its 30th anniversary.
The Idrija Lace Festival

The festival takes place in June every year and tries to introduce the traditional Idria lace on one hand and the modern and the innovative one on the other hand. There are plenty of possibilities of taking part in various exhibitions, lace-making workshops and in bobbin-work competitions, in recognizing domestic fine arts and crafts, the traditional lifestyle, culinary art, in taking supplies  of domestic produce, attending musical events and entertaining. This year's novelty is the Gala Fashion Spectacle of the Idrija Lace. The old Lace School of Idrija, numerous lace-making clubs, the students from Textile Design High School and several fashion designers were active during the Idrija festival. Furthermore there were some sellers of homemade food, products and local herbs, culturalists from different parts of Slovenia and others. The organizers also offered guided tours in Idrija and presentations of its mining tradition and its country hinterland.
Read more at http://www.idrija-turizem.si/en/festival-idrijske-ipke/index.php

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