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First workshop with local stakeholders in Jesenice

The Municipality of Jesenice organised the first workshop with local stakeholders

The Municipality of Jesenice organised the first workshop with local stakeholders on 12th December 2012. There were 23 participants attending the workshop. Besides some individuals (local inhabitants) there were representatives of the following associations, organisations, institutions, etc. present: Regional Development Agency for Upper Gorenjska, Upper Sava Valley Museum, Tourism Association Planina pod Golico, Public Fund for Cultural Activities, Cultural Arts Society Triglav, Theatre Tone Čufar, Acroni (local company), local kindergarten, some tourist guides, some accommodation providers and some pensioners.
An introductory game was organized where participants got to know each other through a simple ball play. After the game all participants were divided in two groups and each group sat down behind one table. Everybody was asked to write down on small papers a vision for Jesenice in 2030 without being limited with anything. A short analysis of ideas was then made and participants were informed that these ideas will be looked at carefully and a proposal of a vision will be prepared by the next workshop.
Then participants started working in groups – each group got a map of Jesenice where they had to locate all cultural values they could think of. After the identification of cultural values they started collecting ideas for their development and integration. They wrote the ideas down on paper and when they were finished each group presented the ideas to the other group. All participants also had a chance of writing down their name to any idea where they would like to cooperate in the future. It was agreed that the next workshop will be organized in the first half of February 2013.

Workshop in Jesenice

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