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Herbal tour in Trentino region

A journey to the discovery of the properties of herbs and medicinal plants through Trentino valleys.
Herbal tour in Trentino region

Herbal tour is a follow-up of SY_Cultour project, connected with Milano Expo 2015, that propose a four days thematic tour in Trentino region, devoted to the local knowledge on the use of medicinal and aromatic plants.

The programme lasts four days of dense educational excursions, trails and activities devoted to the world of medicinal and aromatic plants. The experience will lead you through the territories of three Ecomuseums of Trentino where you’ll be introduced to the knowledge of the native herbs and their use according to tradition. You’ll have the opportunity to meet the producers, taste a whole variety of natural products and see how they are made while enjoying some of the most beautiful and unique sights that Trentino can offer. After the journey you’ll look at wild officinal plants in a new way and will know how to effectively use some of them to create and improve your health.

Have a look at the pdf document here!

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