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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, Slovenia (MKGP)

Ministrstvo za kmetijstvo, gozdarstvo in prehrano

Dunajska 22, Ljubljana, 1000 Slovenia

Short description of our organisation and our role in the project:

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food is a national public authority in Slovenia responsible for creation of rural development policies. Since rural areas are less favoured in Slovenia the ministry realises the potential and added value of management of cultural values in rural areas and therefore wishes to participate in the development of a common model with guidelines for how to manage cultural values in rural areas so as to generate income and jobs and to foster rural development. The ministry stresses the importance of diversification of traditional economic activities in rural areas which involves utilisation of cultural values in rural tourism. It realises the lack of cultural values management and is therefore eager to gain important data and expert material which will be of great value for policy making processes. Since the project builds on the inclusion of stakeholders into the development of less favoured rural areas, the Ministry will gain important experience from the field which will be used for drafting future policies in the field of developing less favoured rural areas and rural tourism. The ministry will promote the common methodology and virtual chamber to other SEE and European ministries responsible for rural development with which it has established permanent connections. It will also disseminate project results to different international organisations like OECD, IBRD and EBRD.

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